Vaginal Infections Detected

Vaginal Infections Detected - Vaginal infections often go undetected, so do not get good care. In the long run, this condition can cause more serious problems that affect overall health. Dr Indu Bala Khatri, obstetrics and gynecology from Moolchand Women's Hospital, India, said that women should begin to learn to recognize abnormal conditions of the area intimately.

Armpit Hairs: Unplug or Shave?

Armpit hair (or underarm hair) long can be a hotbed of bacteria that causes body odor. Therefore, we need to pull out or shave. Although shaved or revoked, the benefits are equal (to remove underarm hair). When shaved, the hair will grow sharper. Meanwhile, if revoked, the hair will grow more natural, softer, and does not itch.